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Installation Services

Are you in need of a refractory installation team?

Our team is exceptional and know furnaces inside and out. We have been a proud member of Harbison Walker International’s Contractor Installer Program since 1985. We have been designated as Capital Refractories, Inc., primary Certified Installation Partner in the United States.

In addition to field installations, we can design and engineer special shapes to meet specific process requirements in-house. Our experienced sales staff, superintendents, and skilled tradesmen have installed nearly every type of refractory system in a vast array of industries.

We service customers throughout the United States in industries such as:

Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Cremation, Heat Treating, Incineration, Iron, Pulp & Paper, Steel, and Utility

Whether you need materials, maintenance repairs or a complete reline, contact us for your solutions.

We can make an inspection and recommendation or in an emergency, mobilize our manpower to deliver same day assistance. 
We understand the cost of downtime and are ever aware that your downtime must be minimized.  Whatever the challenge, you can always count on us for a timely resolution. 
Contact us
 for installation services, materials, the latest technology, and an experienced team to provide you the best refractory system for your application at an attractive installed cost. 

Unwavering commitment to safety!

Finally, we come to our unwavering commitment to safety.  At Empire Refractory Sales, Inc., the well-being of both our employees and our customers is of vital concern.  Accordingly, stringent safety and accident prevention programs are an integral part of our daily operation, at every level. We are a tier 5 member of ISNetworld, an online contractor management platform that helps manage risk and strengthen relationships.

Some of our Refractory projects include but are not limited to:

Brick Installation

Burner Blocks

Burner Tubes


Chimney Dampers

Circulating Pumps

Complete Tundish Covers

Cremation Units

Cupola Maintenance/Reline

Demolition Services

Die-Cast Holding Furnaces

Dry Out Services



Fabrication in the Field & Shop

Forge Furnaces

Furnace Doors

Gunite Castables

Gunned Plastics


Heat Shields

Heat Treating

Holding Furnaces

Hot Gunning

Incineration Units

Induction Melting Furnaces




Metal Melting Furnaces

Over the Road Ladles

Pre-Cast Shapes

Preheater Lids

Refractory Pumping

Reheat Furnaces

Reverberatory Furnaces

Rotary Furnaces

Shotcrete Castables

Stack Melting Furnaces

Tilt Runners

Transfer Ladles


Turn-Key Projects

Well Pump Precast Insert Shapes

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